It all has started at St. Martin’s School of Art in London. There was an old Pentax camera for general purposes for the students’ use, and I discovered an abandoned darkroom there also – which soon became my “private darkroom”. I spent hours there exploring a new magic world as a total autodidact. Later I was accepted to 2 photography colleges but gave up my candidacy because I was not sure this was clearly my right direction.

From London, I moved to Paris and there I found myself developing films and printing black & white at night in the bathroom which turned to be a darkroom. In Paris, I did a lot of street photography daily. Throughout this period in Paris, it became clear to me that photography is the right direction and then I returned to London for 3 years post-grad. AFP at Ealing School of Art Hammersmith & West London College.

Since graduating from photography at Ealing School of Art, I have lived in Israel, doing and living photography.

During my career, I went through many areas of photography where I was playing the role of the concept creator, the art director, the photographer, the assistant, the light man, the designer, the producer, the secretary, the driver, and the equipment carrier…

I know it sounds tough but that’s how it really was.

From 1980 until today I have gained rich experience in commercial, industrial & architectural photography. In the early 1990s, in parallel with commercial photography, I also began to engage in magazine portrait photography. Here I was exposed to a rich and magical world of different characters from the Israeli social spectrum. One of the most notable relative advantages available to me was the professional skill I gained in the commercial photography industry. I am one of those photographers who has been privileged to live in both worlds: the world of emulsion and the digital world – and this has significant professional implications.

The documentary field have started to take place in recent years in particular contemporary Jewish documentation.

Without playing the “Modest” role , I am a creative photographer who researches his photographers in depth. I am reliable and discreet and have never missed a deadline. If necessary, I have a list of makeup stylists and light men, including lighting equipment rental companies.

I am a staunch Chabad follower and it is important to note that this undoubtedly has a significant impact on my awareness including a critical impact on the way I think and on my personal visual expression.

Dear viewers, this site is rich in visual content – hope you enjoy watching and hope we cooperate in the short future.

Thanks a lot, and I’ll be happy to assist you.